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For just £60,  our eLearning courses will guarantee to change the way you will think, feel and behave.

Traditionally, July and August are quiet months, so we have put together an essential eLearning tool kit for you to become a better you. 

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We have the "Power" to "Engage"

By putting together these three elements, humour, high quality production and well-known actors into these videos. Even the busiest and toughest of construction professionals will be engaged and motivated to learn and helped facilitate a change in behaviour in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner.

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Enjoyable, engaging and stimulating learning content is the very best way to help you and your team learn.

Throughout  July and August our eLearning toolkit you will get instant access to the very best range of video learning content.

You will be able to access the full micro-course library of over 400 titles, covering Communication, Leadership, Management, Sales, Wellbeing, Personal Effectiveness and much more - all this at a very special price.

The content really does get the message across in a way that your learners won’t forget. Start learning today and you won't be disappointed.  

See another video clip.


See another video clip.


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