Towers for Users

This course providers learners with the best health & safety practice whilst using mobile access towers and working at heights.

Course content:

  • Relevant health & safety regulations, laws and legislation
  • Understanding potential hazards and equipment problems
  • Product standards EN 100
  • How to carry out the correct safety checks
  • How to assemble and dismantle a tower

Who should attend this course?

Anyone responsible for erecting, disassembling, adjusting, manoeuvring and inspecting mobile towers.



A card and certificate will be awarded on completion of the course, which is taken either online or in the classroom. The card will last for five years before it is due for renewal.

Entry Requirements

You must bring Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to the course: hard hat, hi-vis, gloves and sturdy footwear.

To book or for more information, CALL 03450 578 160 or email: