Two Day Bid Tender Masterclass  

This flexible two day online masterclass is designed to develop your bid writing skills.

Course Content.

The first day of this workshop will look at the preparation needed for bidding success.

Day 1:

Understanding the public sector

  • Understanding the public sector procurement process
  • How to find suitable opportunities

Getting tender ready

  • Identifying barriers to tender success
  • A pathway to contract readiness
  • Gaining experience when you can’t win contracts

The front end of the process

  • Bid/no bid procedures and reporting
  • Understanding bid requirements and developing a bid strategy
  • The importance of relationships and social value

The back end of the process

Colour reviews, feedback and Freedom of Information

Day 2:

Understanding the buyer

  • What buyers want – how they assess and evaluate your submissions
  • Where to start – what do we need to do before writing

Bid writing

  • Getting the story right – win themes and storyboarding
  • Structure – ensuring compliance and added value
  • Benefit before the feature – getting the right message across
  • Referencing the specification – tailoring your response
  • Bid reviews – ensuring accuracy, compliance and consistency


  • Keep it clear, concise and easy to read
  • Use of flow diagrams, images and colour
  • Best use of supporting documents




NFB Accredited


In-house and Public dates available 

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