Sales Essentials (3 Hours) Course 

The really important moments in a sales conversation occur when your customer sees something that they have not seen before.

Understanding the opportunities and challenges that a customer faces is a key commercial skill.

Having this intimate understanding of the client’s business is how successful sales people spot opportunities and find themselves in the right place at the right time to influence the purchasing process.


Insight Sales is a course designed to help salespeople to create, communicate and capture value for customers and their own organisations.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the training course, the delegate will:

  • Prepare effectively for every customer interaction, demonstrate credibility and understanding of the customer’s business.
  • Share compelling insights that create value for the customer and their own organisation.
  • Understand how to influence all members of a decision making unit.
  • Challenge a customer’s thinking in a way that creates trust.
  • Communicate effectively to influence the perceived value of your solution.
  • Negotiate on value rather than just on price.
  • Respond credibly to predictable concerns that can slow down decisions.
  • Work on live deals to maximise ROI as quickly as possible.

By understanding and using the Insight Selling process, delegates can achieve sales advances that build value for both customers and their own organisations.


Max 16 

Who should attend this course?

Insight Sales is a fully interactive course typically aimed at sales and business development professionals or other customer-facing roles, where creating value with a prospect or customer is an important part of what you do.

This could include people working in a variety of disciplines including:

  • Sales professionals
  • Account management professionals
  • Business development professionals
  • Sales support professionals
  • Customer service professionals



Course format options

Available Online 

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