Dealing with Difficult People (90 Minute) MindStretcher 


Sound familiar...... "Hell is other people"  "We can find good things in everyone – even with people we dislike"  "Behaviour breeds behaviour"  We all have views about the people around us.  We might think they are being difficult but they may be thinking the same thing about you - how do you move forward if both of you are thinking the same thing about each other?  We might think the other person, for whatever reason, is being deliberately difficult - how do you move forward when, as you see it, the other person has character flaws? 


At the end of this MindStretcher participants will understand: 

  • Why people can be ‘difficult’ 
  • How to behave assertively 
  • How to overcome passive and/or aggressive behaviour 
  • How to apply Transactional Analysis in communication breakdown 
  • Negotiation basics for productive outcomes 


Max 20

Who should attend this course?

This MindStretcher is suitable for everyone 


NFB Accredited

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