Team Working 

We all have to work together to achieve our objectives but teamwork is not always easy. These courses will get teams working together, seeing the value of teamwork and learning from those challenging moments.

Team Energiser 

Get teams working together, solving a problem and making decisions under time pressure.

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A collaborative teamwork activity which identifies key lessons to improve communication skills in the workplace.

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A fun, problem-solving course. Brings teams together to solve problems and work together for a common goal.

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To be an effective employee in any organisation, you need a range of skills. These carefully selected courses cover a wide range of those important attributes that make the difference between to being effective.

Problem Solving 

Teams learn about themselves and their capabilities by solving problems.

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Managing Time

This course is all about improving performance through better personal organisation.

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Decision Making

This course demonstrates the logical, calm approach needed for good decision making.

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Assertiveness (90 Minute) MindStretcher 

Passive and aggressive behaviour doesn't work, be assertive        

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Personal Effectiveness (90 Minute) MindStretcher

Be empower delegates to manage their time at least 20% more effectively    

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Good Decision (90 Minute) MindStretcher 

Gives teams practice at reaching consensus when faced with tricky decisions.  

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Meetings (90 Minute) MindStretcher 

Most meetings are pointless and costly time-wasters. Learn to make them motivating and worthwhile!               

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Resilience (90 Minute) MindStretcher 

Consider what having a positive, resilient mindset really means                                                                                                    

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Confident Communication (90 Minute) MindStretcher 

Communicating confidently begins with an awareness of both, your own strengths and vulnerabilities as a communicator                  

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Effective Writing (90 Minute) MindStretcher 

Get closer to the mind of the reader                                             

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Problem Solving (90 Minute) MindStretcher  

Use creative thinking to help solve problems                                                    

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Personal Stress (90 Minute) MindStretcher

Help reduce this major stress problem in today's workforce                              

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