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Building Confidence for Influence and Impact Training

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Confidence workshop taking place on June 7, 2023.

Do you have staff that don’t know how good they are?

Are they afraid to voice their opinions for fear of being shouted down?

Unfortunately this is a frequent occurrence in the workplace where some of our most able staff find that their confidence is getting in the way of them living up to their true potential.   At the request of members, NFB has developed a course that addresses this issue that helps participants identify their own personal blockers and gives some practical and key transferable skills based on how our brains work and how others respond.

Who should attend?

Those who:

  • want to be able to confidently hold their space, find their voice and be heard – so that when you speak, others listen
  • are facing challenging work-based situations where confidence (or lack of it) holds them back
  • need to be able to influence, be authoritative and have impact whilst being authentic and true to yourself
  • may hold themselves back from making the contribution they’re capable of because their confidence (or lack of it) gets in their way
  • want to develop their personal impact and confidence to apply in different situations – both inside of work and out


  • Members at £225+VAT.
  • Non Members at £275+VAT
  • Refreshments and lunch will also be provided

To register: Contact Jackie Stephen on 03450 578160 or email: