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  • Since 1998, our advice has helped to insure over 657,000 people
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  • Our advice is free - so you just pay for your chosen policy
  • Exclusive personal support  & Trust services when you buy with us
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Types of cover: 


Life Insurance | Income Protection | Critical Illness Cover | Mortgage Protection|  Over 50s cover 

Business insurance: 

Key Person Cover | Ownership Protection | Business Loan Protection | Relevant Life Cover


What is relevant to NFB members:

  • Income Protection.  Provides you with a monthly income if you cannot work due to any accident or sickness. The monthly benefit payments are designed to cover your core financial commitments such as your mortgage / rent, bills and food.  Income Protection for self-employed workers is particularly important because individuals who manage their own business tend to have little or no sick pay and rely on the income they generate to survive.  Premiums start from £8 a month.   
  • Tax Efficient life cover.  Take on tax efficient life cover to cover your mortgage, family and your employees.  The premiums are paid for by the company and are typically an allowable business expense meaning you can save as much as 40% on your insurance cost.  Premiums start from £10 a month.  
  • Keyman Insurance.  You would probably find it unthinkable not to have insurance protecting your business from the effects of fire or burglary.   However, the effect of losing one of your key directors/employees from within the business could be much more difficult to recover from. Most businesses have an individual who is key to the success and profitability of the business, a 'key person’.  Premiums start from £10 a month.   
  • Critical Illness cover.  Pays a lump sum benefit should a member of staff suffer a serious illness.   Critical Illness Covers include the main serious illnesses you might suffer from - coronary artery bypass, major heart attack, kidney failure, major organ transplant, multiple sclerosis, stroke and a defined set of specific cancers.  Premiums start from £8 a month. 


To arrange a call back from an expert adviser - Click Here to fill out the short form, or you can call LifeSearch’s dedicated NFB members’ number on 0203 764 0223 Monday – Friday 8am – 2pm, and weekends until 2pm.