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All media enquiries should be directed to Asia Manzoor, PR and Social Media Manager:

Tel: 01293 309206

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To read our latest press releases please send an email .  

Expert speakers:

The NFB is home to experts in their field. They are regular contributors to the media and are happy to provide a comment or interview.

They are also informative and engaging speakers for a range of events and forums.

Please see brief profiles of our expert speakers, call 03450 578160 or send an email to press@builders.org.uk


We have access to a range of data, below is a small sample. For more information and statistics please email by clicking here

  • The United Kingdom needs to build at least 300,000 new homes every year to bridge the current gap with housing demand.
  • The construction industry needs to recruit at least 35,000 new workers every year to cope with increasing work demand.
  • The construction industry alone has the worst payment record of any industrial sector, with 31% of all late payments. Construction SMEs are owed a total of £30 billion in unpaid invoices.
  • Every £1 invested in construction generates £2.84 in wider economic benefits
  • For every £1 invested with an SME builder, 90p remains locally to train local young apprentices, hire local skilled workers and benefit the local economy.