Ciaran Malik, Structural engineer and Carbon Researcher 

Towards Regenerative Construction

The climate, ecological and cultural crises mean that the built environment needs to change. Ciaran is excited to share what that future might look like and what it means for construction. He plans to take us on a tour through Whole Life Carbon, Circularity, Building Life Strategies and Regenerative Design.



Ann Bentley, Global Board Director of Rider Levett Bucknall

Ann’s current focus is on making positive change in the construction industry. She has worked closely with the Construction Innovation Hub on the development the Value Toolkit, sitting on the Value Toolkit Board and leading the value definition workstream. Ann is also part of the Industry Steering Group on the Construction Playbook, contributing to both its development and implementation.

Ann's session will be looking at Delivering Value and Outcomes

  • What value is – and how this overlays with delivering outcomes
  • How to define and measure value
  • How value-based decision making stops the race to the bottom in its tracks


Tom Carr is Co-Founder of Verto

tom carr 

Verto is the first UK housebuilder to specialise in the design, build and sale of smart homes which produce zero or negative carbon emissions. The company was founded in 2010 by Tom and his business partner Richard Pearce, with a mission

to change the way people live by changing the homes they live in through its concept of Living Zero.

Verto’s homes are designed to both do good while looking good. Inside and out, no stone has been left unturned in the company’s quest to be the number one provider of high quality and truly sustainable homes in the UK. 


Rico Wojtulewicz, Head of Housing and Planning Policy

Recognising those who lead by example

Rico Wojtulewicz will highlight how NFB members regularly lead and this has kept their businesses sustainable. He will link their ability to diversify and reform to the Government agenda and why the Government must delve deeper into why construction holds the clues and keys to Levelling Up.

NFB staff