Free procurement support


Procuring construction can be an immensely complex process and the considerations that you must legally and ethically include are continually increasing. There are many obligations placed on procurers and trying to tie government targets, regulations, and business objectives together harmoniously is a masterful art. You want to ensure best value and provide a backdrop for successful delivery via a robust procurement strategy.

The NFB has a solid track record of working with a variety of organisations faced with this challenge. We have worked with numerous local authorities, local enterprise partnerships, housing associations and private enterprises to provide guidance throughout the process.

We represent SME construction companies. The government’s rhetoric with regard to SMEs has been clear and consistent: SMEs will drive the growth that will help the economy. We can help you to create a procurement strategy that is accessible for SMEs, like our members, based on our experience and knowledge.

In addition, we actively participate in industry forums, such as Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT) which publishes standard forms of contract within construction.

Our advice is…get in touch in the early stages of any project. We can do more to help you if we are involved at the offset.

Contact Mark Barber on 07730 289 220 or at for more information about how we can help you.