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Summit 2022

The Construction Summit 2022 takes place on 7th April 2022. The 2022 Construction Summit will focus on “The Future of Construction; Leading for Success” with a day that’s split into 2 distinct sessions.

The morning session will focus on people and culture and the afternoon session leads on to creating a sustainable organisation.  Partners and sponsors for the day include:  Magnet Capital, Crosby Associates Media, B&CE, Trustmark and Citation.

Speakers for the day include:

Shaun Wane, England Rugby League Head Coach

As one of our key speakers, Shaun will discuss his experience of building and maintaining a world class winning sports team and will impart some of the secrets of his incredible success.

This will be a unique and refreshing approach to team management, providing enlightening insight into maintaining consistent success year on year.

Michael Caulfield, Brentford FC Sports Psychologist

At the Construction Summit, Michael will illustrate how relationships are more important than ever as we all recover from the pandemic and how the simple, but often overlooked skills in managing people can have the most impact.

He will also explain how rest and recovery are more important than ever and that talking, and listening, remain the most underrated skills of all.

Nicola Bird, AccXel Founder and Managing Director 

Natalie Bell, Growth & Partnership Director

AccXel’s sister duo Nicola and Natalie will be taking us through; their journey so far at AccXel, how they’re revolutionising construction education and their plans for the future.

Danny Clarke, Commercial Director at NFB

As an advocate of work life balance and diversity in the workplace Danny will discuss skill shortages in the industry and how culture change can help boost retention and attraction in the industry, with examples of how this is being tackled through the Women in Construction programme.

Ciaran Malik, Structural Engineer and Carbon Researcher 

The climate, ecological and cultural crises mean that the built environment needs to change. Ciaran is excited to share what that future might look like and what it means for construction. He plans to take us on a tour through Whole Life Carbon, Circularity, Building Life Strategies and Regenerative Design.

Ann Bentley, Transforming Construction Chair

As part of ‘Creating a Sustainable Organisation’ Ann will be discussing delivering value and outcomes.

What value is – and how this overlays with delivering outcome

How to define and measure value.

How value-based decision making stops the race to the bottom in its tracks.

Tom Carr, Co-Founder of Verto Homes

Verto Homes is the first UK housebuilder to specialise in the design, build and sale of smart homes which produce zero or negative carbon emissions. 

Tom will be providing an insight into Verto, the make up of their Zero Carbon Smart Homes and the actions needed to advance Zero Carbon living across the house-building sector. 

Rico Wojtulewicz, Head of Housing and Planning Policy at NFB

Rico Wojtulewicz will highlight how NFB members regularly lead and this has kept their businesses sustainable. He will link their ability to diversify and reform to the Government agenda and why the Government must delve deeper into why construction holds the clues and keys to Levelling Up.

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