Brian Verity – Skipton Properties

The late Brian Verity founded Skipton Properties in 1986 and built his first 100-home site in Skipton, the company’s namesake. Such a large project was quite a bold move and reflected his character in business. He wasn’t afraid to take risks; sometimes, they paid off, and sometimes they didn’t. He started from nothing, and his passion for his family and work drove his ambition to succeed. Whatever the result of his decisions, he’d bounce back with increased vigour to build better; he founded Skipton Properties with a desire to build homes with quality, showcasing workmanship that surpassed most of his peers. Although, having grown up in the local area, he wasn’t driven purely by profit (however, of course, this is one of the reasons anyone is in business), he was passionate about leaving a mark on the towns he built in.

One example of this mark is in Oxenhope, West Yorkshire. He took a risk and built many homes in the village, which was struggling with a declining population at the time. Skipton Properties’ development projects breathed life back into the area, and to this day, it is still a desirable place to live.

Due to his quality aspirations, he would build a bit differently to other developers, with a large proportion of the workforce under full employment and – can we mention something about all our plant machinery here? Brian was at the vanguard of such development (taking on such projects 20 years plus ago) and took on challenges other developers wouldn’t dream of – too many to mention here. 

Brian lived and breathed Skipton Properties and was involved right to the very end. He was incredibly passionate about his employees and has gone above and beyond many times to help when they have had a crisis. As a result, some of the company’s employees have been with them for over 30 years, which is a testament to Brian’s relationships and his loyalty.

He was fearless in tackling planning injustices involving many successful planning appeals. However, one such battle with Craven District Council took him all the way up to the High Court, where he succeeded in a judicial review against the council. Brian was rightly proud of this victory and it is a case that will record Skipton Properties in the annals of legal history.

A Family man, Friend, Employer, and NFB member. Brian had many hats. Let’s celebrate him for his loyalty, wanting to succeed for his family, passion for construction and caring nature.