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As one the UK’s leading construction trade bodies, the National Federation of Builders represents its members at the top tables of the most influential organisations in the construction sector, including CLG, CIJC, CLC, CITB and CONIAC. These organisations cover the development of standard form construction contracts, employer-employee pay and benefits bargaining, the industry-Government relationship, the sector’s training and skills board and the construction health and safety advisory group.

Contractors Legal Group (CLG)

The CLG is the body that represents main contractors at the Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT) which is one of the most well-known and widely used standard form contracts suites used in construction. Main contractors are represented by the Contractors Legal Group, of which the NFB is the biggest member – giving the NFB a significant say and considerable share of voice. NFB members may attend the CLG and some of them also act as council members at JCT.

Construction Industry Joint Council (CIJC)

The CIJC is the body where employer representatives and trade union representatives meet to discuss, negotiate and agree the industry’s Working Rule Agreement, the most widely used collective bargaining agreement for main contractors. The NFB consults widely with all members to establish a mandate for pay, conditions and benefits and then sends two representatives who, in combination with other employer representatives, come together to provide an employer’s response to the Union’s pay claim of that year and negotiate an agreement. The NFB then issues the ‘promulgation’ to members.

Construction Leadership Council (CLC)

The CLC is a national forum co-chaired by a representative of industry and the Construction Minister. It is predominantly made up of representatives of leading trade associations from all parts of the supply chain, as well as industry leaders and representatives from Government. The CLC publishes guidance in times of crisis (such as the Site Operating Procedures) and on specific issues (such as product availability). It is consulted by the Government on all manner of policies, acts as a network exchange of information and provides a useful platform to champion and challenge. The NFB has a seat on the Council and represents members in numerous sub-groups within the CLC family.

Construction Industry Training Board (CITB)

CITB is the industry’s training board providing a grant scheme for members to draw down funds to pay for specific training, projects, programmes, and various funds and grants including for supporting qualifications and apprentices. The NFB is one of the ‘Prescribed Organisations’ which means a representative body that formally gives CITB Levy-paying members a vote every three years on the organisation’s levy proposals. The NFB has a memorandum of understanding with CITB, working at an organisational level to support members, attends regular leaders forums to help influence the organisation’s direction and product and service delivery and has members represented on various committees, including the industry funding committee and nation councils. The NFB has been actively engaged in campaigning for major reforms to CITB, publishing a paper to that end last year and having many of the recommendations adopted by the House of Lords Built Environment Committee.

Construction Industry Advisory Committee (CONIAC)

CONIAC is a statutory advisory committee to the Health and Safety Executive, chaired by the Chief Inspector of Construction. It advises the HSE on industry concerns and emerging issues and works collaboratively to help improve health and wellbeing outcomes for the workforce. The NFB is an active participant and chairs one of the working groups and attends at least two others. Through our work, we help to produce resources that help employers better protect their workforce, through awareness, guidance, advice and tools. Examples of initiatives range from asbestos to mental health, risk profiling domestic work to welfare guidance, understanding and navigating CDMs to providing a ‘buddy’ service to new construction clients.

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