Policy and Research

Helping our members build prosperous businesses and create optimal conditions for the construction industry

Policy and Research
The National Federation of Builders Policy and Research Department is tasked with managing the organisation’s lobbying, public affairs, research and stakeholder relations to realise the NFB’s vision of ‘helping our members build prosperous businesses and create optimal conditions for the construction industry’. To achieve this, the Department undertakes the following activities:

  • Providing expert advice, guidance and information to ensure members stay ahead and on top of relevant policy, statute and regulation
  • Influencing policy makers and stakeholders to create the most optimal business conditions for NFB members to contribute to the UK economy
  • Providing the NFB commercial team with evidence-based insights on members’ opinions, activity and operations

Our priorities
To ensure our efforts reflect members’ needs, the NFB Policy and Research team develops policy priorities within a 3-year public affairs plan. Our current priorities include:

Skills, Training and Labour supply

That CITB or its future replacement is held to account and delivers the priorities of NFB members and that Government education, employment and immigration policy helps to deliver the diverse workforce required to meet member needs.

Public Sector Pipeline

That future public sector pipeline gives businesses the confidence to invest in growth, technology, people and training.

Contracts and Fair Payment

That contractual terms and payment practices are equitable for contractors and housebuilders in the supply chain.


That decarbonisation of the supply chain is lead by main contractors, balancing good business with sensible and thorough transition.

Sector Resilience

That the construction sector is prepared to meet unforeseen economic challenges and Government interventions are used to protect the industry in extraordinary situations.


That procurement practices are accessible, non-onerous and fair to contractors of all sizes while recognising high standards of work.


That the heritage sector is properly considered, supported and championed in all building and planning related policies.


That Government maintains housing delivery as a top policy priority and creates the right atmosphere for efficient and profitable housing delivery for all sizes of housebuilder.


That planning policy is focused on certainty, speed, appropriateness, cost-effectiveness and high quality home, place and building delivery.


That financial markets and tax policies, including RC VAT, CIS, insurance, bonds and sureties, work effectively and equitably for the delivery of construction projects by contractors and housebuilders.

Members of the NFB can read the full NFB Public Affairs Plan, available in the members’ area. Communicating our services We communicate our policy and research activities to members through the following channels:

  • Construction Update (a monthly e-newsletter to all members)
  • The HBA Newsletter (a fortnightly e-newsletter to all house building members)
  • Sectoral group updates (quarterly emails and in-person group meetings)
  • NFB Board and Regional Forums (in person briefings)
  • The NFB Policy Team Twitter account: https://twitter.com/nfbpolicyteam
  • Regular press releases and statements, accessible on our News pages
  • The comprehensive guidance library in the members area
  • Feature articles in BritBuild, Heritage and Traditional Building and House Build magazines

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