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Through our partnership with The Bletchley Group the National Federation of Builders can provide specifically for NFB members, a full range of NFB Warranties, Bonds and Insurance products that will make you stand head and shoulders above your nearest competitor. These come in the form of the following:

Security that your work guarantees are covered
Insurer Backed Guarantees (IBG) is an insurance policy that covers the original guarantee provided by the installer.  This gives customers peace of mind that in the unlikely event your company ceases trading, they can make a claim under the terms of the original guarantee.
Download Insurer Backed Guarantees Brochure

New build homes and conversions cover
Residential Warranties / Latent Defects Policies.  For new build homes and conversions, they provide your buyers with peace of mind that the costs of repairs or rebuilding if any structural damage appears months or years after practical completion.
Download Structural Defects Warranties Brochure

Road & Sewer Bonds
Providing cover where roads will be adopted by the council after completion or for work on done on existing roads. 
Download Performance, Road and Sewer Bonds Brochure

Performance Bonds
These are becoming more commonplace in the UK Construction and providing your clients with peace of mind through insuring against the risk of the contractor or company becoming insolvent or failing to fulfil contractual obligations

In addition to the above The Bletchley Group has also developed a specific Contractors All Risks platform exclusively for NFB members to assist you in sourcing correct cover for your requirements.

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