The NFB is one of the permanent representative organisations on the Construction Leadership Council’s Taskforce, an Industry-Government body with a secretariat provided by the Government. The Taskforce is highly active and at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, met daily with Government to feedback industry concerns. The CLC, and the NFB as a constituent member, wrote the Industry Recovery Plan known as the Roadmap to Recovery.

Currently the NFB Policy Team or NFB members are actively involved or leading the following CLC workstreams:

  • CLC Taskforce
  • CLC Housing Workstream
  • CLC Local, Social and Commercial Workstream
  • CLC Retrofit, Maintenance and Improvement Workstream
  • CLC Brexit Working Group (NFB in the Chair)
  • CLC Bonds Working Group (NFB in the Chair)
  • CLC Trade Credit Insurance Working Group
  • CLC Cost Planning Working Group
  • CLC Fair Practices Working Group