Simplifying the planning system is a key priority for the HBA. SME house builders must be able to build without going through a costly and lengthy planning process.The HBA is lobbying relentlessly for planning reform, focusing in particular on planning conditions, the statutory planning period and local plan-making.

Although access to finance and land has improved, the HBA continues to work with banks, the Government, and alternative lenders to make sure SMEs are supported to grow. Continued efforts to widen access to finance have seen the HBA working with Homes England, the Housing Growth Partnership, and Regentsmead.

Encouraging small site development has been an important ambition for us because not only does it stimulate housing output but it also allows SMEs to plan ahead and have confidence in their pipeline of work so they invest confidently in their growth.

Planning and procurement remains weighted in favour of larger developers but we believe our lobbying work is helping to level the playing field and we will be tireless in our efforts to ensure our members can compete fairly and consistently.

As well as looking at the big picture in terms of the sector as a whole and lobbying Government, we also like to work with members more directly. We share best practice and are able to disseminate news or policy developments that affect members with unmatched speed. We are always available for members to contact us and are happy to undertake research on their behalf.

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