9 September 2021

NFB Responds to CITB Consensus Result

The National Federation of Builders says that the CITB Consensus result, which returned a positive result for the Levy proposals, does not constitute a vote of confidence in the CITB and that major changes are still required to deliver the industry’s skills and training needs.

Richard Beresford, Chief Executive of the NFB said:

“Our members voted by 56% to support the Levy proposals and as such indicated their support for a cross-industry approach to skills and training delivery. What they did not do is give CITB a blank cheque to continue on the path that they have been following since the last consensus result. By CITB’s own KPIs, employers’ confidence in CITB has diminished year-on-year, available talent and labour supply has worsened and the access to training continued to deteriorate. On the key measures, CITB is failing our industry.

“CITB repeatedly said that the Consensus process was not a vote on CITB’s future, and they were right, this does not constitute a vote of confidence. The construction industry has reaffirmed its commitment to a collective approach to tackling these issues, but now we must focus on how that happens – not whether it happens. We’ll be coming forward with proposals on this in the near future but in the meantime we must all continue to hold CITB to account, we cannot have another 3 years like the last.”