1 September 2020

NFB Launches New Training Service

National Federation of Builders has launched its new training service that delivers the full range of construction specific training. The new training provision brings together the very best industry-specific training in one place, with high quality training - both online and face-to-face.

The new training provision was built using a focus group of construction businesses as a soundboard and to ensure the new service is what construction both needs and wants as a training service. Construction businesses benefit from NFB training through:

  • Value for money  – better than market rate for members
  • Convenient – where and when you need it
  • NFB endorsed – Built by the industry for the industry

Richard Beresford, chief executive of the National Federation of Builders (NFB), said: ‘The launch of NFB’s new training provision is another example of the improvements the team continuously make to add value to members.  The new training includes both practical and technical courses for members, with online courses and traditional face to face training. 

Beresford continues ‘Members can also subscribe to the Video Arts Library which provides over 300 training videos and uses humour to make training memorable,  NFB is the only organisation outside of Video Arts that can provide these online training courses, if you haven’t heard of Video Arts please visit www.builders.org.uk/training’.

From Health & Safety and the safe operation to plant and equipment through to business development and online training the service focuses on ensuring construction businesses stay compliant, improve staff performance and businesses are as efficient and competitive as possible.

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