25 July 2019

NFB delighted to launch new member benefits

The National Federation of Builders (NFB) is committed to supporting the needs and requirements of its members. To that end, the NFB is pleased to announce the launch of two new benefits for its members.

  • Debt recovery management service
  • Occupational health scheme

Debt management is a difficult subject to raise and with examples like the collapse of large contracting businesses the NFB has recognised that the risk and worry of managing these situations needs high quality support services. As a result the NFB is proud to be launching its confidential debt recovery and insolvency advice  service, which is  free to members as from the end of July. Non-members can also take advantage of this service, for a fee.

In addition, the NFB also offers a range of free general business support and legal and contract support helplines. These lines can offer additional support to members, ensuring that when undertaking commercial or consumer contract projects they are protected.

The NFB is also pleased to announce the launch of its new occupational health scheme. Occupational health teams help keep people well at work, both physically and mentally.

Every employer must provide a safe workplace and must assess risk at work. The occupational health scheme will be available from August and for an additional small fee, members will have peace of mind that they meet their legal requirements as an employer.

This benefit will allow assessments and support for its staff to deal with obligations they have as an employer, in relation to health and safety whilst in work and manage any risks in the workplace that are likely to give rise to work-related ill health. Clive Dickin, commercial director of the NFB said:

“Over the last few months the NFB has been listening to its members’ feedback and is excited to launch the first of its new benefits and feature enhancements to provide the additional help and support our members need, in relation to both debt management and occupational health. These benefits will provide additional support to our current member offering and we will be announcing further enhancements in the coming months.”

For more information about these benefits or to become a member of the NFB:

Telephone: 03450 578 160

Email: membershipservices@builders.org.uk