10 June 2019

Help support the Human Factors Framework Consultation

We are currently supporting the Scottish Building Federation (SBF) in developing a Human Factors Framework for the UK Construction & Built Environment sector. The work is funded by CITB and the output will form an important part of CITB’s emerging Supervisory Leadership & Management (SLAM) Framework.

Human Factors are those non-technical skills and behaviours which, when applied in a technical context, support safe, efficient, quality-driven and productive workplace activities. For more information see here.

As part of our UK-wide consultation we are asking you to:

  • Read through and understand the Human Factors specifications that we have developed to date 
  • Give us feedback on the accuracy and completeness of those specifications  

If you think the specifications can be improved then please tell us how and provide a brief explanation of your suggestion so that we can fully understand the nature and context of your feedback.

The output from this work is likely to form the basis of future training courses. It’s important that you have your say at this early development stage.

Follow the link below to review the Human Factors specifications developed to date and give us your feedback no later than Friday 28 June 2019.