18 August 2021

Green Temporary Building Supplies within the Construction Industry

Did you know by swapping from a diesel generator to a Green Temporary Building Supply, you could reduce your carbon emissions by up to 97%! With more and more stakeholders wanting construction companies to deliver projects with minimal impact on the environment, switching to a Green Temporary Building Supply will help reduce your carbon emissions.

What is a Green Temporary Building Supply?

Temporary Building Supplies are frequently used within the construction industry by companies that need to electrify a site. A green temporary building supply can be used for up to three years, with a short extension available if a building site is close to completion. After this time, it would be upgraded to a permanent supply or be disconnected. With the need to achieve net zero becoming more important in our society and businesses wanting to minimise their impact on the environment, National Federation of Builders (NFB) are working with its energy partner who are delivering all of their temporary connections with a 100% green REGO (Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin) backed contract to deliver Green Temporary Building Supplies.

Why are they becoming more common?

Due to its intensive processes and reliance on diesel generation, the construction industry has always been a heavy energy user. In turn, there has been a significant amount of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere. With new Government legislation requiring businesses to reduce their carbon emissions to net zero, it is more crucial than ever to minimise the construction industries carbon footprint.

Most construction companies are currently using diesel-generated power to electrify their sites. Not only does this give off large amounts of carbon, but they are also a very costly way to produce electricity. To reduce carbon emissions and costs, businesses should be phasing out all diesel generators and instead use a green temporary building supply. By swapping from a diesel generator to a green temporary building supply, NFB Members can reduce their carbon emissions by up to 97%. Making the switch also helps drive down total energy costs while also reducing a building projects carbon emissions and it is a simple step for all NFB members to take on their journey to net zero.

Government legislation is already impacting the construction industry.

The Government is likely to continue bringing in additional legislation to support the UK's Race to Zero. It has recently been announced that businesses bidding for major Government contracts (over £5m in value) will need to have a strategy in place to achieve net zero by 2050 to be in with a chance of being awarded the contract. Steps like using temporary green building supplies demonstrate your commitment to achieving net zero.                               

Why switch to green? 

Dependent on the supplier, green energy can be procured at the same price as brown energy, which means switching to green doesn't have to cost NFB members any more than they already pay. Green temporary building supplies will reduce emissions and are from a sustainable resource, proving your desire to create a greener future. Through NFB and our energy partner, we can make sure the energy you procure is 100% REGO (Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin) backed, meaning it will come from wind, solar or hydro. This means that you can prove the origin of your green energy, further enhancing your commitment to net zero.

How can NFB support you?

Through NFB’s energy partner, we will handle your entire temporary building supply process. Our partner has established leaner timelines with all DNO's (Distribution Network Officer) due to the high level of temporary building supplies they complete for our members. We understand why you may not have gone down the temporary supply route historically; it takes too long to get the supply in, and the cost for the infrastructure is too high. The team of Energy Consultants will make your energy journey simple. They will go to the DNO responsible for the location of your site, negotiate costs and agree timescales. Once the price has been signed off from your businesses and the fee has been paid, they will project manage to completion and link in a fully REGO backed green energy contract, ensuring your temporary building supply is 100% green. What’s more they will liaise with suppliers and project managers to ensure everything energy-related is completed, so your teams can focus on what they do best.

NFB are actively working with our new energy partner to help members identify their carbon emissions and implement solutions that reduce their carbon footprint. This means they benefit from the latest industry knowledge as we help them become net zero!


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