1 November 2019

Election causes Large Contractors Forum postponement

Invitees welcome to new event being held on the same day

With the dissolution of Parliament thanks to the General Election being called for 12 December, the NFB has had to postpone its Large Contractors Forum (LCF) scheduled for 11 November in the Palace of Westminster.

The NFB Major Contractors Group had some very important news to announce at the event so has arranged a briefing event at the Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE) from 12pm to 2pm on the same day, Monday 11 November.

While this is not the planned Large Contractors Forum, all those who had agreed to join NFB at the Large Contractors Forum event are very welcome to the new event at the ICE. More information is available on the NFB’s Events page on our website.

The LCF will be reinstated once a new Parliament is elected.