2 March 2020

Construction and Procurement Survey

A short survey of eight questions and one comment box for clients, main contractors and sub-contractors (both NFB and non-NFB members), to gain a better understanding of how each group looks at procurement.

The National Federation of Builders (NFB) is seeking to understand how industry feels about procurement and how they believe it could be improved.

With the Brexit transition period ending on 31 December 2020 and the move away from OJEU, we hope this will be a vital opportunity to lobby for changes, which will ensure procurement works for all.

Due to different contract values potentially requiring different answers, one of our questions asks you to input the size (£) of the contract you were thinking about. We therefore welcome multiple submissions for different contract sizes.

We also welcome you passing on this survey to your clients, contractors and supply chain partners as we would like to capture as much industry opinion as possible.

The deadline for completion is - 13 April 2020     

To complete the survey click on the link below that best describes your company. All survey participants will be sent the final results and our report in May 2020 and this will go to the email address provided:

NFB member sub-contractor survey

Click here


NFB member main contractor survey

Click here


Client Survey

Click here


Non member sub-contractor survey

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Non member main contractor survey

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