NFB Business & Skills - here to help your business grow

Maintaining a successful business in the construction sector requires not only core management skills but also a wide range of specialist skills - from traditional trades to BIM to highly specialist heritage skills - and many more besides. Modern construction is fast moving so many of these skillsets are constantly changing, which means that without keeping on top of training, a business can easily fall behind. It makes perfect sense, therefore, that as businesses are obliged to pay a training levy, they ought to get the most out if it. NFB Business & Skills is here to help members find both the right funding and the right training.

Supporting growth in construction

NFB Business & Skills has been at the forefront of developing improvement programmes to support the emerging skills requirements of a leaner and more efficient construction sector.

Reflecting our position within the industry, we always challenge SMEs in construction to go beyond compliance and achieve excellence - and we work alongside them to make it happen. This firm commitment to excellence lies at the heart of our business improvement programmes.

Designed for the construction sector and delivered by industry experts, our bespoke programmes have the potential to revolutionise key areas of your business, enhancing performance and increasing efficiency. Better performance means happy customers, an enhanced reputation and more business, while greater efficiency helps widen profit margins and allows investment for growth.

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