How do you differentiate your business from your competitors? 

Only NFB members can use the NFB name or logo as a statement of their organisation's commitment to quality. Using the NFB name or logo on your vehicles, website and corporate literature promotes you as a professional, reputable construction business. It is also an important tool when tendering for new business. Frameworks and clients recognise the NFB name and that its members stand for quality in their work and how they conduct their business. 

Membership of the NFB differentiates you and presents you as a fair payer, safe and considerate constructor. It speak volumes about your company and how seriously you take your role in the construction industry.

If you are a non-member or a member of another body, you are missing out on all the benefits of being part of this prestigious group that plays a pivotal part in the construction sector and wider economy. 

Demonstrate your quality by joining today