Since Constructionline was established by the UK Government in 1998, it has helped thousands of buyers connect with local businesses to supply the contracting services they need to win and run large building contracts.

Backed by the resources of Capita PLC, the leading provider of outsourced registration services for UK Government, Constructionline is a widely-recognised resource for the UK construction industry, providing unparalleled opportunities for service providers.

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National Federation of Builders offer!
Constructionline is able to offer National Federation Builders members ‘15 months membership for the price of 12’.
Constructionline will also add the ‘buyer’ status (normally charged at £500) so that NFB members can contact other ‘suppliers’ across the construction industry.

Constructionline has developed a new platform designed to connect ‘supplier’ companies with ‘buyers’ looking for contractors and subcontractors. It’s a simple premise: the buyer posts the contracts available and searches through the database of accredited supplier companies for appropriate contractors to invite to tender.

The whole process is greatly speeded up as supplier members can store the majority of information needed for the prequalification process on Constructionline’s highly secure database. Details of industry accreditations, liability insurance, financial references etc are all held centrally in its real time, dynamic, verified database and only need to be supplied once. The uploading process has also been made easier as documents can now be placed in the system as a client’s time allows, perhaps over several separate visits to the Constructionline site.

The system is particularly beneficial for smaller contracting companies, allowing them to complete on a level playing field with larger organisations who may have dedicated bid writers.  For the ‘buyers’, the attraction is the easy access to a range of suppliers whose details and accreditations have already been checked and verified.

Information about levels of Constructionline membership can be found here.

A guide is available for NFB members who want to sign up for this offer.