Lobbying for you and your business

As a valued member, your opinion counts. The NFB, through its policy team, will lobby Government on the business issues that matter to you. 

With a combined turnover of over £3.5 billion, NFB members are an influential voice in the construction industry. By creating one powerful voice, the NFB ensures you are heard not only by central Government but also by the media, clients and local authorities. As an active commentator on construction issues, the NFB plays a vigorous policy and campaigning role. Do explore this section further for information on our campaigns, news and policy activity.

The NFB has been successful in helping to change policy in many areas that directly affect members, including: species licensing, small sites requirements, planning conditions, fixed service charges, section 106 exemptions, wider definitions of affordable housing and the Help to Buy scheme - to name but a few. We support members with advocacy even at a local level. 

We will ensure that your voice is heard loud and clear when the Government formulates policies or consults with the construction industry.

Read more about our campaigns here.

Have a problem on a contract or tax issue?

The NFB is the only construction membership body in England and Wales that sits on several industry steering groups such as the Construction Alliance and the Contractors Legal Group. If you need advice or want to make your voice heard in these critical areas, the NFB is the organisation to go to. 

Read more about the Contractors Legal Group here.

Not just Westminster

As an NFB member, you know your voice directly reaches the ear of decision-makers where it can make the most difference: local government, Westminster, Cardiff Bay and even Brussels. From a planning decision to a European Directive on health and safety, the NFB will always represent its members' views. 

If you are not a member and would like to influence our policy, join the NFB now.