The NFB Heritage Group is a specialist group consisting of NFB members involved in the heritage built environment; it is designed to promote, and secure a sustainable future for the heritage industry.

The UK’s historic environment provides a tangible link to the past and contributes directly to the social, educational, and environmental prosperity of the country. Through tourism and regeneration, it also supports a healthy economy and maintains the country’s existing assets. Heritage and traditional buildings make up approximately 20% of the UK building stock and include buildings constructed around and before 1919. Listed buildings make up about 2% of total building stock.


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Retrofit Heritage

The NFB collaborated with more than fifty other organisations on the National Retrofit Strategy (NRS) and had a strong influence on the policy elements which will enable retrofitting pipelines, reduce costs for consumers and innovate the sector; however, as part of our research and engagement with NFB Heritage members, it is clear that heritage, listed and traditional buildings require a level of consideration that the NRS needs to build into its strategy.

NFB Heritage has therefore scanned the best heritage guidance across the UK, in order to support better building and improve our sectors knowledge, as well as introduce Heritage building to all members.


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