The CITB Grants Scheme provides grants for employers in the construction industry who provide day to day training for their workforce. The scheme helps to maintain standards on construction sites and to ensure the right skills are available for the industry to grow.

The Skills and Training fund aims to help small and micro construction companies to deliver high quality learning and development experiences to employees. It also enables medium-sized construction companies (with up to 250 directly employed staff) to improve their training programme so that it meets the more complex needs of a developing business.

Who can apply for Grants and Funding?

All eligible employers who are registered with CITB and up to date with their Levy Returns can apply for grant including small employers who are not required to pay the levy.

Are you struggling to access Grants and Funding?

NFB members now have access to a free telephone advice line on CITB Grants and Funding. Please give it a call to establish if you are missing out. Further support in accessing Grants and Funding can also be provided on a consultancy basis. A summary of this new service is below:

Telephone Advice Line

Call us, free of charge to discuss general or specific grants and funding queries or advice. We can assess whether it is likely you are missing grant money from previous claims and how we may help. We can also advise on what you need to be doing, so you don’t miss out on future claims (limited to 30 minutes).

Grants Review

We know you are busy so our aim is to claim you back as much money as possible with as little input from yourselves.  With relevant information from the company we will submit grant claims and appeal where necessary. Typical documents required are staff info & training certificates.

Funding Support

We can provide support with submitting bids to fund the training of your workforce (including subcontractors)

Our fees:        

Maximum charge equivalent to no more than 20% of money recovered to the company, irrespective of the amount of work involved (min charge £300 + vat)


Grants & Funding Management

If you would like us to manage all your future grants & funding we would be happy to provide a quote.

Email or call 03450 578 160