What is the future Net Zero Standard

The future Net Zero Standard (fNZ Standard) is an independently verified standard.

Using the standard will not only give you clarity on your emissions, when analysed properly it can help you identify opportunities to drive down your emissions. This is an easy to use, online platform that will help members to benchmark carbon emissions and then track them moving forwards. The intuitive design means that it works for SME’s through to £40m+ businesses.


How fNZ Standard Works

The solution includes the ability to upload gas and electricity data but also travel and direct carbon, such as on-site power generation, information to give you a holistic view. Once you have benchmarked your carbon emissions, you simply upload your energy consumption data on a monthly or quarterly basis to track the ongoing performance of your business.

Every 12 months your data will be independently certified, and your business will be given the fNZ Standard accreditation. The accreditation will be one of four levels depending upon the reduction in carbon emissions you achieve.                                              


The levels are:

  • Bronze = 10%
  • Silver = 20%
  • Gold = 30%
  • Platinum = 50%   

Your accreditation includes a logo that can be used across all promotional materials to your stakeholders.


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Through a unique approach to carbon reduction, make net zero work for your business to help you realise both the commercial and environmental benefits of becoming a net zero organisation.


How NFB can help

Through NFB's partner, who are leading the way in green energy procurement they can support in the delivery and financing of energy efficiency and renewable technologies. They can help members create a net zero strategy or optimise their existing one to help realise both the commercial and environmental benefits of becoming a net zero organisation through:

  1. Smarter energy procurement strategies – making sure your procurement strategy matches your businesses unique consumption profile. This will help you secure your supply, reduce your expenditure and minimise your carbon footprint.
  2. Invest in energy efficiency solutions and technology – through the analysis of your energy data you can identify the opportunities to invest in energy efficiency solutions. From sub-metering and on-site energy generation to Building Management Systems and EV charging points, there are countless solutions out there.
  3. Offset emissions – your business is unlikely to be able to remove all carbon emissions, this is where an off-setting strategy comes into play.


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Watch the recorded webinar and find out more about future Net Zero Standard, including a demonstration of the platform and advice on monitoring and reducing carbon emissions.



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