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Occasionally all businesses face challenges or need advice. What do you do - call a friend or a professional adviser? Or just hope for the best? Whichever way you turn, the costs can be considerable - not just in lost business but also in wasted time or, in the worst case, a heavy fine. 

A lawyer can cost up to £350 per hour. 

The average unfair dismissal award is around £8000.

The consultancy cost to write a suite of policy statements is approx £2500.

By contrast, NFB members can access dedicated, construction industry specific advice and information as part of their membership. The NFB provides a range of specialist advice services, including expert advice over the phone and also access to critical documents such as contracts of employment, policy documents like an asbestos policy statement, and even model standard contracts. 

Subjects covered:

CITB Grants and Funding

HR and Employment Law

Health & Safety








Just a call away

In addition to local support, NFB specialists are on hand for more complex issues.  If you have a planning problem, a contract clause within the JCT or issues with payment practice, for example, NFB can work with you to resolve your issues and lobby locally on your behalf.

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