BeResilient Health Check

Resilience is a relative, dynamic concept and, as such, an organisation can only be more or less resilient. As a result, resilience is a goal, not a fixed activity or state, and is enhanced by integrating and coordinating the various operational disciplines that the organisation might already be applying. In addition, an organisation operates within a potentially complex web of interactions with other organisations, so it is essential to build resilience not only within the organisation, but across its networks, and in its interactions with others. The organisation therefore needs to provide direction to its efforts and ensure effective governance and risk management, as well as build resilience in partnership with others.

The BeResilient Health Check has been designed to assess an organisation's maturity in accordance with the British Standard Publication BS 65000:2014 - Guidance on Organizational Resilience.

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BeResilient tools and guidance

BS 65000 takes the form of guidance and recommendations. It should not be quoted as a specification or code of practice and claims of compliance cannot be made of it. As part of our BeResilient programme we are able to offer extended tools and guidance to the standard for organisations aiming to implement the provisions of the standard.

The BeResilient programme is specifically designed for organisations working within the construction sector and may not be suitable for organisations working in others sectors.

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