BeresilientWhat is Organisational Resilience?

Resilience is a strategic objective intended to help an organisation to survive and prosper. A highly resilient organisation is more adaptive, agile and robust than a less resilient organisation; making it the ultimate objective for any organisation to implement.


Our BeResilient programme began in 2019 as a CITB funded programme of support aimed at helping companies in the construction sector to implement new working practices in accordance with the British Standards publication, BS 65000:2014 Guidance on Organizational Resilience. The programme was inspired by market research which highlighted that the construction sector, on average, is the largest contributor to business insolvencies each year in the UK.



Learning and support

Our support aims to transfer learning and skills to individuals and organisations working in the UK construction industry. Piloted in 2019, we have developed two levels of programme to support the development of organisational resilience.