CITB works with the British construction industry to attract and support the development of people, ensuring employers have access to a skilled workforce and the industry as a whole is best placed to meet the challenges ahead.

Every three years, CITB must consult with construction industry employers on its proposals to deliver skills and training to the construction industry using Levy funding. ‘Consensus’ is the final stage of this Consultation process, where employers are asked the Consensus Question: “Do you agree that the Levy Proposals are necessary to encourage adequate training in the construction industry?” Consensus is not itself a vote on the future of CITB; it is a say on the future of skills and training in the industry.

The next Consensus process will be in the summer of 2020, considering Levy Proposals for assessments CITB raise in 2021–23.


During the past year CITB have been looking at how the Levy should fund support over the next three years.

Employers’ views during the Levy Consultation period are an important part of Consensus. The Consensus process follows these key stages:

16 March-17 May 2020: Levy Consultation Period

During this Consultation period, all CITB Levy registered employers can take part in discussions on the Levy Proposals and how CITB is intending to support industry for the next three years. This includes a series of events in spring 2020.

Employers can formally register their opinion at www.citb.co.uk/consensus2020/consultation  and will need a Levy registration number to do so. This online channel is open 16 March-17 May 2020 and only one submission per Levy registered employer will be accepted.. This is an opportunity for Levy registered employers to:

  • Tell CITB if you think the emphasis is right and the support is in the right areas regarding how CITB is intending to support industry for the next three years
  • Take part in the Consultation on the Levy Proposals and how CITB propose to access the Levy in 2021-23.

March-May 2020: Spring engagement

All employers are invited to take part in the conversation with CITB. More details to follow. 

July 2020: Strategic Plan and Final Levy Proposals

The CITB Strategic Plan and final Levy Proposals are published in July, taking into account analysed feedback from the Levy Consultation period; forming the basis of Consensus.