The key to successful procurement is the ability to differentiate yourselves from the competition. A contractor that is visibly empowering their people, is focused on client needs, and has a clear vision of success for the company is demonstrating ‘excellence’ rather than ‘compliance’ and, as such, will be in a far stronger position to win work.pyramid image for BIM

NFB Business & Skills has a package of support available to improve your chances of success in getting through the pre-qualification rounds of a construction procurement opportunity. Our approach is to offer a selection of services from which SME contractors can build a comprehensive programme of support.

Bid to Win masterclass

A one or two day masterclass course that enables delegates to understand and speak the language of today's procurement process which is a vital part of identifying and wining new work.  

Bid to Win clinic

A two-day clinic to provide delegates from SME-sized contractors with the tools, techniques, and simple but powerful actions to enable future bids to be winning bids. The two one-day workshops cover:

  • Real customer needs and rivers
  • The importance of visibly evidencing real capability
  • Understanding the bidding process
  • Tools to develop bidding strategy
  • Techniques to complete successful PQQs
  • Development of project execution plan
  • Completion of project / framework proposals
  • Interview and presentation techniques
  • A client's perspective

Bid to Win healthcheck

To provide an objective critique of a previous or similar PQQ submission to identify existing strengths and weaknesses in bidding.

PQQ strategy workshop

This workshop is designed to:

  • Develop PQQ response plan, actions, and timetable
  • Review and confirm in themes
  • Review evidence in hand and required
  • Develop response approach
  • Review and confirm presentations / DTP approach

Interview training

A one-day interview skills training course for all members of the interview team which includes coaching for the 'reality check' visits.

Mock interview session

A mock interview involving an interview panel followed by an objective feedback session.

'Black hat' review

The 'black hat' review is a competitive assessment to address who the competition is and their strengths and weaknesses. Understanding competition allows for positive strategic presentation of the business's own positive and evidence based submission.

'Red team' review

The 'red team' review shall review the draft PQQ from the client's perspective and assess its effectiveness against the scoring criteria.

Collaborative working and supply chain management

Developing successful building solutions is always a team effort. Integration and collaborative working is essential in order to develop systems and successfully complete projects on time and to budget. An effective system of collaborative working can add value to your business and enhance the effectiveness of all levels of the supply chain. Results can be evident in numerous areas of the business including workforce and process development, customer satisfaction, product / service, logistics, communication and project management. Best practice methods for integration and collaborative working ensure:

  • Client satisfaction is a priority
  • All parties have a shared purpose and direction
  • Communication is frequent and effective
  • Collaboration is efficiently managed to minimise confusion

NFB Business & Skills can offer support to assist companies looking to embed the principles of supply chain collaboration and integration into their projects.

Implementing collaborative working and supply chain management

A five-day course that enables delegates to understand the principals of partnering through the supply chain including changing behaviour, integrated design management, understanding value and cost, partner selection, continuous improvement and performance measurement. The five one-day workshops cover:

  • Identifying what clients really want: the need for change
  • Understanding collaborative working in the supply chain
  • Selecting an effective supply chain
  • Developing integrated teams
  • Managing cultural change

Client engagement workshops

NFB Business & Skills would work with you to bring clients and supply chain partners together for a one-day workshop to provide an understanding of how collaboration and integration of teams benefits whole projects.

Consultancy support

Bespoke on and off site support with a view to embedding the cultural and behavioural change needed to work as part of an integrated team.