Published in 2013, Construction 2025 set out challenging targets for the industry with a view to improving efficiency, eliminating waste and reducing carbon outputs. Being able to benchmark and measure success in these areas is key to creating best practice processes and sustainable improvement throughout the sector.

Better information leads to better decision making

The NFB’s KPI Hub is designed for local authority clients, framework operators and other public sector bodies involved in the procurement of construction projects. Through the collection, reporting and analysis of data, it provides a simple and effective method of transforming performance management.

As well as demonstrating continuous improvement, outputs generated can be used to measure and compare the performance of projects against each other as well as against the national average.

All 6 KPI hubs and prices

Special offer:

FIRST 5 KPIs discount of £50.00   Member price: £695.00 + VAT per year

ALL 6 KPIs discount of £100.00     Member price: £1,470.00 + VAT per year

For further information or to sign up to any of the above KPI sets, please call 03450 570 042.