Corporate social responsibility, often abbreviated to CSR, can be described as a corporation'sImapct image self-regulated initiative to assess and take responsibility for the company's impact on society and the environment. The term generally applies to the effort that ensures active compliance within the spirit of law, ethical standards, and national and international norms. Nowadays CSR approaches taken by many corporations seek to go beyond compliance and engage in actions that deliver further social good, beyond the interests of the organisation and that which are required by law.

Research carried out in 2016 by NFB Business & Skills has highlighted that CSR is often misunderstood amongst many construction business and that due to time, money, and resource, they can lack the skills to implement CSR activities, gather information, and report on their CSR performance. With this in mind, we successfully secured funding from the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) to work with construction companies to help them, understand, embed, and implement CSR across their organisations. Although this funded programme has come to an end, CSR and social value training support is still available no matter what your organisation's current position on CSR.

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