ConstructCO2 is an online software solution used for measuring and benchmarking the carbon footprint of construction sites.

ConstructCO2 is important in providing a simple, practical, and systematic approach to measuring project carbon emissions enabling project teams to re-engineer their design, procurement, logistics, and construction processes to minimise their carbon footprint.

Key benefits

Clients, contractors, and suppliers using ConstructCO2 can identify quick win actions that reduce carbon, and generate potential savings through travel arrangements and material / supplier procurement, both on the project in question and on future projects.

One of the key targets outlined in the recently published joint government-industry report on sustainability was the 50% reduction of carbon levels to be achieved by 2025. Minimising the CO2 emissions arising from construction activities represent a key area for the industry and a major contributor in meeting that UK target.

Companies who sign up to ConstructCO2 will receive and be able to:carbon footprint image

  • Access to an online user guide
  • Two hour training session
  • Unlimited remote support and mentoring for the first year
  • Share outputs in real time with the whole supply chain
  • Benchmark performance internally and with the industry
  • Share learning and action plans for continuous improvement


ConstructCO2 is also available as part of the NFB KPI Hub package of support.


A comprehensive sustainability training programme which is aimed directly at the SME. These programmes focus in all aspects affecting the management team, whether that is middle managers concerned about practical application on site or senior mangers and directors with a focus on the company strategy.