Regional procurement frameworks or ‘collaborative purchasing’ have become a key feature of contemporary construction. This has had a huge impact on SME construction companies who are unable to meet the turnover threshold set out within these frameworks. Forming a consortium offers a ‘win win’ solution and can increase your chances of winning work.

Together we are stronger

Consortia are potentially very attractive to the public sector for several key reasons:

  • Value for money
    Result of lower overhead and management costsimage of four links
  • The personal touch
    Consortia encourage a more personalised service due to shorter management chains which means that clients are able to establish relationships with managing directors, something that would be highly unlikely to happen with a major contractor 
  • A greater level of flexibility
    SMEs are able to adapt quickly to the individual needs of a buyer and can offer services that may be considered too niche for larger companies
  • Innovation
    SMEs are traditionally the innovators in construction, their size allows them to explore and adopt new technologies and techniques quicker and earlier than larger firms
  • Localism
    Using locally based businesses helps to reduce the carbon footprint of construction projects due to the reduced travelling time to and from sites as well as the use of local supply chains. They also represent better value for the local economy by employing and training locally based people as well as circulating money back into the wider community

NFB Business & Skills can work with NFB members who are looking to form a consortium by providing support in three main areas:

  1. The first steps
    Finding and selecting the right partners based on factors such as leadership and values, geographical location and complementary expertise and experience.
  2. Setting up a consortium
    We can help you negotiate all those practicalities from choosing a leader, completing the relevant paperwork and creating a brand identify to legal notification, finance and dividing up roles / responsibilities.
  3. Winning work
    Integration and consolidation. Enabling you to put everything you have learned on paper into practice. All you need to know about completing PQQs, putting on that premier league performance at interview and preparing for that winning presentation.