Developing the appropriate culture and behaviour is fundamental to create a construction industry that is ‘BIM ready’. It is essential to ensure that you have an integrated construction team, which includes a supply chain that works together collaboratively as part of this process.

This five day Cultural and Behavioural Change Programme has been developed to assist main contractors to develop their own internal capability and leadership, but also provide development and training to their SME suppliers.

Workshop 1: Action planning for change

A diagnostic workshop designed to identify potential weaknesses and areas for development in the culture and behaviour of a team.

Workshop 2: Collaborative working

This one day workshop will enable a construction team to understand the value and importance of collaborative working and use an integrated approach to deliver an effective and high performing project.

Topics covered will include:

  • The importance of a collaborative approach
  • Why some teams fail
  • How to create an effective environment for team working
  • Successful communication methods
  • The importance of continuous improvement and managing performance
Workshop 3: Implementing change

This workshop aims to introduce delegates to a structured approach to implementing change in an organisation in order to drive improvements or to establish a more effective culture.

Topics covered will include:

  • Change in a strategic business context
  • The process of change
  • Setting clear organisational goals
  • Creating an appropriate and positive organisational culture (developing a vision)
  • The potential barriers to change management
  • The continuous improvement cycle and the importance of measuring performance
Workshop 4: Creating a positive culture and behaviour

This workshop aims to introduce delegates to the importance of a positive organisational culture to achieve improved levels of motivation, productivity, quality of work and staff retention.

Topics covered will include:

  • Developing clear organisational and departmental objectives and goals
  • Creating a structure for open and honest communications
  • Recognising and rewarding excellence
  • Creating fair and equal opportunities for all
  • Clear performance measurement and feedback processes
Workshop 5: Planning for change

This workshop will consolidate the knowledge gained from the skills development programme. The management team will be guided through the process of planning the cultural changes required in their business in order to successfully implement BIM as well as identify their key suppliers who will need to be up-skilled throughout the process.

We will work with the main contractor to engage and develop their supply chain in the BIM journey. The supply chain companies will then be offered a skills development programme to help them improve their understanding of BIM and engage in the change process.

For more information about our five-day programme contact the NFB Business & Skills team on 03450 057 042.