There is no such thing as "BIM in a Box" and an organisation's requirements in terms of support are often unique to them. Our consultancy support programme forms part of an overall support package to SMEs working in construction. The programme is flexible and will be developed specifically to meet your organisation's needs.

Development Programmes

Bespoke consultancy support programmes designed with the aim of marrying up the technical and cultural expertise equation which enables achievement levels of BIM excellence. This will enable companies to be able to articulate requirements, interpret opportunities and assess the competences and the resources of other organisations working with them in a BIM environment.

Strategy Programmespyramid image for BIM

Consultancy support programmes developed and customised to align with an individual organisation's requirements and designed with a view to implementing a cohesive integrated BIM strategy across an organisation and its supply chain.

Understanding Strategy and Change Programmes

These programmes will provide senior personnel with an understanding of the business values of BIM, the relevance of specific BIM uses and the critical factors for successful BIM implementation. The programme will also provide an understanding of the multi-disciplinary collaborative working practices and the management processes required to support this.


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