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To see how AccXel can help your business with innovative training solutions contact your NFB Account Manager.

AccXel was established with one mission in mind – to create the workforce our sector so desperately needs. Unlike any other training facility, AccXel are embedded in the sector and are in prime position to tackle the issues both in construction and in the education sector.

AccXel’s Skill STEPSⓒ Framework is made up of 5 bespoke training programmes, each tailored to a different responsibility level; from construction starters all the way up to site managers. The programmes are unlike any other learning experience available. AccXel’s team aren’t content with simply teaching what is required for their students to pass their qualifications, they go above and beyond to ensure their learners are equipped for anything and everything that life on site throws at them.

AccXel has incorporated compulsory mental health modules into all of their programmes to lessen the stigma surrounding the topic. Their hope is that by educating every one of their learners, regardless of their seniority, on the subject, everyone will be able to openly discuss any problems they are facing, and their employers will become better at supporting them through difficult periods. 

To see how AccXel can help your business with innovative training solutions contact your NFB Account Manager.  Email or call 03450 578 160.

National Federation of Builders (NFB) welcomes educational partnership with AccXel, the new Construction Skills Accelerator Centre.
This partnership is a great opportunity for both organisations to raise awareness of everything we do and stand for in the South West and Wales. Both NFB and AccXel have the same goals for the construction industry which is to reduce the stigma around mental health, improve health and safety regulations and the overall welfare of employees.

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