About us

The National Federation of Builders represents builders, contractors and house builders across England and Wales


To help our members build prosperous businesses and create optimal conditions for the construction industry


We will achieve our vision by:

  • Focusing upon and responding quickly to the critical priority needs of our members
  • Influencing key decision-makers in the best interests of our members.
  • Delivering excellent added-value membership services
  • Growing our revenues by improving membership recruitment and retention.

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Annual Membership from £625 (£750 inc. VAT) to £12,500 (£15,000 inc. VAT) dependant on annual turnover.

Our Story

Our Story

The National Federation of Builders (NFB) represents builders, contractors and house builders across England and Wales.

As one of the UK’s longest standing trade bodies, it was created to represent the building profession and to promote conditions its members need to thrive and contribute to the economic success of the UK.

Its members range from the sole trader to large, multi-million pound construction companies, with turnover ranging from below £500,000 to over £1.1 billion. The federation provides expert advice, training, representation and business services for members so that they can comply with industry standards, excel in delivery, and grow successful businesses.

Our timeline

As one of the UK’s longest standing trade federations, we’ve seen a LOT of changes over the years. Take a peek at some of the biggest shifts in our industry over the last 140 years.

  1. 1878

    Formation of the National Master Builders of Great Britian

    After a brief period as the General Builders Association from 1865 -1871, the Federation was founded in 1878 as the National Master Builders of Great Britain.

  2. 1905

    Organised renamed as the NFBTE

    The organisation adopted the name of National Federation of Building Trades’ Employers of Great Britain and Ireland (NFBTE). By dropping ‘Master Builders’, it formally recognised the associated building trades such as plastering, plumbing and tiling etc that were already included in memberships of the local and regional federations and associations.

  3. 1948

    HBF was officially formed

    HBF was formed in 1948 (known then as the Federation of Registered House Builders). It was an amalgamation of three pre-war bodies and represented the housing element of the National Federation of Building Trades Employees (NFBTE).

  4. 1984

    The NFBTE joined the Building Employers’ Confederation (BEC)

    Founded in 1878 under the name ‘National Association of Master Builders of Great Britain’, in 1984 the Building Employers’ Confederation was formed.

  5. 1995

    Name changed to National Federation of Builders

  6. 1997

    NFB joins the Construction Confederation

    The NFB joined the Construction Confederation, an umbrella organisation including BEC, Federation of Civil Engineering Contractors (FCEC), Scottish Building Federation (SBF) and British Woodworkers Federation (BWF).

  7. 2009

    NFB leaves the Construction Confederation

    The NFB votes to leave the Construction Confederation and incorporated as the National Federation of Builders Limited.

  8. 2010

    The House Builders Association is established

    The NFB sets up the House Builders Association. The HBA is very active in lobbying government to formulate policy that encourages and rewards small to medium sized housebuilders.

  9. 2012

    The NFB Heritage Group is formed

    The National Federation of Builders formed the NFB Heritage Group. By working with our members and industry stakeholders, the Group is able to help ensure that the necessary skills, expertise and competences are in place to support a robust built heritage sector.

  10. 2019

    Major Contractors Group formed

    The Major Contractors Group is established. Open only to members, this highly influential and dynamic group establishes policy, holds exclusive events with influential policy makers and has developed a suite of resources just for major contractors.

  11. 2020

    Britbuild and Heritage & Traditional Building magazines are launched

    The NFB launches both the Britbuild Magazine and Heritage & Traditional Building Magazine. Both magazines are published three times per year focussing on the latest industry and NFB news, current issues and interesting topics. Over the course of the year 30,000 copies of Britbuild are printed and distributed and read on average by 90,000 key individuals across a number of sectors. Heritage and Traditional Build magazine has a reach of over 60,000.

  12. 2021

    HouseBuild Magazine launched

    The NFB launches HouseBuild Magazine in 2021 to support housebuilders. It’s published twice per year.

  13. 2023

    Heritage Approved Contractor Mark launched

    The NFG launches the organisation’s Heritage Approved Contractor Mark. The Heritage Approved Contractor Mark is an NFB-awarded badge which allows NFB members to show their adherence to the NFB’s code of conduct, their experience of working on heritage and traditional buildings and their commitment to employing or using experienced heritage and traditional building work project managers and tradespeople.

Associate members

As everyone in the construction industry understands, collaboration is critical. We work closely with a number of other industry bodies to help improve the industry, to broaden our influence, to share best practice and to provide valuable resources to our members.